Billy Elliot THE MUSICAL  Show Website

Music & Lyrics by Lee Hall

Music by Elton John

Choreography by Yukichi Hattori

Directed by Stafford Arima

This Tony Award-winning musical is an inspiring and moving tale about the importance of following your heart. Set in working-class England, young Billy dreams of trading in his boxing gloves for ballet slippers, bit his widowed father cannot understand his passion.  A celebration of Calgary's local talent, this rendition of Billy Elliot The Musical will be choreographed by former Alberta Ballet principal dancer Yukichi Hattori, helmed by Artistic Director Stafford Arima, and will feature the best and brightest of Calgary's dance community. 


Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol |  Show Website


The Geffen Playhouse | Los Angeles, CA

Adapter by Jefferson Mays, Susan Lyons & Michael Arden

Performed by Jefferson Mays

Directed by Michael Arden

Tony Award-winner Jefferson Mays (I Am My Own Wife) brings new life to the greatest ghost story ever told.  While the heart of A Christmas Carol is evergreen, Mays' fresh perspective on Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and the rest will create a wildly theatrical and original experience. 

REVIEWS (Click on the Link for Full Review): 

Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times - "Sudden eruptions of noise (orchestrated by sound designer Joshua D. Reid) jangle nerves onstage and off. (No that wasn't me slouching fearfully in my seat - it was another journalist from a less reputable publication). 

Peter DeBruge, Variety - "It's no simple trick fo an actor to haunt himself on stage without coming across as schizophrenic or crazy in the process, and here, director Arden has tapped lighting designer Ben Stanton and sound wizard Joshua D. Reid to augment Mays' natural ability to shift between characters."

Dany Margolies, Los Angeles Daily News - "Sound Designer Joshua D. Reid makes ponderous chains clank, innumerable bells toll, and supposedly impassible doors slam.  But more remarkably, an eeriness haunts our ears throughout."

​Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA - "The contributions of scenic designer Dane Laffrey, lighting designer Ben Stanton, sound designer Joshua D. Reid, and projection designer Lucy Mackinnon would likewise seem at first to be relatively slight, a minimally designed office lit by a few candles with an occasional sound effect here or there....Along the way, Stanton's lighting and Reid's sound design get more and more breathtakin."  "In addition, Stanton and Reid join forces with star Mays to create one stunning two-character scene after another, beginning with Scrooge's confrontation with his former business partner, the former lit with a warm candle glow, the latter with a ghastly pallor, his booming voice amped to many times its normal volume.  As for the Ghost of Christmas Past, Reid's alteration of the spirit's voice is precisely what a reader might imagine from Dickens' description ("like a child: yet not so like a child as like an old man") with Stanton's lighting completing the eerie transformation to chilling effect"