Joshua D. Reid is a creative sound designer and sound systems designer living in New York City.  His various creative work with plays, musicals, concerts, and special events across the globe, as well as his extensive work on broadway productions, continue to distinguish his work across the industry. 

An avid pursuer of modern technology and its' application to theatrical productions, his sound designs seek to take the audience auditory experiences to a new level. His sound system designs, both large and small in scale, continue to provide productions with flexibility and acoustical clarity that is revered among both audiences and creative teams alike.  Joshua also is a frequent presenter at sound design master classes across NYC and at theatrical university programs nationwide.  In addition to his design work, he also frequently works with manufacturers on new products that fulfill the ever changing needs of the theatrical and commercial industries. 

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Joshua moved to NYC under the guidance and mentorship of such esteemed designers as Abe Jacob, Dan Moses Schreier, Nevin Steinberg, and Jonathan Deans.

Joshua D. Reid

Sound Designer